How To Choose Furniture For Your Box Room

When you have a box room, it can be a real struggle to get furniture that a. Fits properly; b. Doesn’t make the bedroom look too cluttered; and c. Fulfils all your normal bedroom needs. However, it is possible to fit out a box room with beautiful furniture that fits well and suits all your read more »

Top 5 Tips To Help You And Your Partner Decorate Your Joint Bedroom

Top 5 tips to help you and your partner decorate your joint bedroom When you have been used to living on your own and having your bedroom decorated in the way that you want it, it can be hard to adjust when your partner moves in. If your girlfriend is moving in, it can often read more »

Four Ways To Make Your Garden More Accessible

The average garden just can’t accommodate a mobility scooter. The soil is too soft, the rows too narrow, the plants too low. This quick guide will suggest four ways to adapt your garden for better mobility scooter accessibility, so you can take care of your body as you nurture your plants. Making Your Garden Play read more »

7 Cheap Bedroom Decorating Ideas

After your living room, the room in your house that needs to relax you the most is your bedroom. Some people like to use their bedrooms for more than just sleeping. Students often hang out in their bedrooms to study. Almost everyone who likes reading loves to curl up on the bed or in a read more »

Top tips to decorate your home in an eco-friendly way

With climate change making the headlines many of us are making more of an effort to go ‘green’. Decorating your home in an eco friendly way is a great step towards lowering your carbon footprint and making sure that you’re doing your bit. It might surprise you to learn that redecorating in an environmentally friendly read more »

The Benefits Of Having A Garden At Home

The beauty of a home is not only determined based on how stylish its interior is or how elegant its indoor furnishings are. Yes, it’s impressive how people can have such good taste in terms of putting the right pieces together to come up with a lovely overall interior, but some of these people have read more »

Choosing The Perfect Carpet For A Minimalist Home

Times do change, and with them styles and trends. Not only is this applicable to fashion or clothes, but as well to interior design. However, amidst the myriads of emerging trends in home and office design, there are still quite a number of people who prefer the simplicity and elegance of minimalist themes. Patrick Hoesly read more »

Five Vital Plumbing Supplies For The Every Day Homeowner

While in some extreme cases, a professional plumber may be called for, many of the day to day jobs which involve domestic plumbing jobs can usually be done by the homeowner. Here I look at some of the vital plumbing supplies for every homeowner. DayLove via Compfight 25-Foot Drain Cleaner Blocked drains and sinks are read more »

Thinking Of The Future When Designing A Bathroom

When you are designing a new bathroom it is important to think of your needs for the future as well as your current needs. For example you may have a growing family or you may be getting towards old age and these will have an influence on your needs later. If you want your bathroom read more »

Using LED Lighting In Bathroom Remodeling

LED lighting is pretty much the cleanest, greenest and cheapest to run form of lighting there is, which makes it absolutely ideal for use in the home. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom and are going to be changing your light fittings, then now is the best time to switch from conventional or read more »